a warwelf? a werwulf? a worwilf

yes helo dis my artblog. contains lots of butts. avoid #porn if you don't want nsfw.

Sep 15

the amt of people who think that this pic is of batter n zach is kind of funny to me.

Sep 3

how 2 render water????

Sep 2


s- so i have these things languishing in my off folder

Aug 30

i remembered i had markers. again.

brushes? brushes.

oh no there’s more.

there were a lot of butts happening.

just gonna dump a bunch of stuff on yall and get back to not being active.

these are all done on mobilesketch because android has great drawing apps.

Jul 15

here is a panel from the reason i’ve been so quiet lately. ignore the half-assed placeholder color job.

Jul 10

have a doodle. does it count as fanart when there are no distinguishing features? the answer is yes.

Jul 9

i’m not dead. just not online as often. have germany dominating brazil, in honor of that fucking ridiculous ass reaming earlier today.

Jun 1

a big version of the last one because i like it. even tho i keep drawing faces n bodies in two different styles…

i figured out how to make colored lineart. it only took me ten years. and hey i feel up to drawing again yeee

May 28

i fucked up. i fucked up. weight-bearing arm? what’s that?? no he’s just gonna fall right over, fuck balance!!!!!!!1

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